Nav Fellowship

A unique people-first, post-graduation internship for entrepreneurial engineers who appreciate a great coffee chat!


*Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

The Role

Build Personal Relationships with 250+ Talented & Impact Driven Engineers

Travel Across North America and have Immersive experiences at top university campuses

Calibrate your own excellence bar for engineers, startups and investors

Develop lifelong skills in networking, interviewing, effective outreach and team building

Work with Nav Capital managing directors to analyze companies being started by top engineers you meet with.

Be excited and confident (ALWAYS!)


About Nav Talent

By developing personal, trust based relationships with great people, we look to understand the impact they want to have on the world and help them accomplish this by connecting them to unique opportunities. We are now at 17 of the top universities in the country and have built up a network of 1000s of engineers along with dozens of VCs and high-growth startups. We are able to build this ecosystem by having teams of student Associates who meet with their peers on campus, taking the time to build a relationship with and understand them on a professional level. Through this, we have established a talent ecosystem that’s aligned with its members' interests, supporting great engineers in their pursuit of impact by helping them join high-growth startups, start their own ventures, work on unique innovation projects within larger organizations, or gain unique experience through our various fellowships.

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Qualities We Are Looking For

People First

We are looking for fellows who will genuinely care about the peers they meet with and put helping them above any other interests.

Long-term Focus

The meetings conducted by our fellows will be the first step to a lifelong relationship we want to build with our members. We are looking for fellows who believe in building long-term relationships.

Strong Technical Understanding

Having strong technical understanding will enable our fellows to better assess the technical experiences of the engineers they meet with.

Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills is essential for this role!

Enjoy Meeting People

Our fellows will be meeting 3-5 new people each day and if they genuinely enjoy meeting new people this experience will be a ton of fun

Comfort with travel and spontaneity

Our fellows will travel to at least 4 new cities during their fellowship and these will usually be travels within less than 10 days notice.



  • Can I do the fellowship if I have a full-time offer signed?

    Yes! We specifically designed this fellowship for ambitious professionals to kickstart their career with a unique network and strong people skills.

  • What's the compensation range?

    The compensation range will be similar to a large tech company internship compensation.

  • What are the dates?

    The dates are flexible based on the following two constraints. The internship needs to be at least 10 weeks long. Start date needs to be latest beginning of September.

  • Are my travel costs covered?

    All expenses during traveling will be covered.

  • What are some suggested post-internship career paths?

    We believe that learnings and the network gained from this internship will be helpful for any career path from softeware engineering to product to investing.

  • Can I join Nav Talent after the internship?

    You are not expected to do this internship with the intention of joining Nav Talent. But, if you are interested, we will decide whether or not we will extend a full-time offer during the 8th week of your internship.

  • Can I join any of Nav Talent's portfolio companies post internship?

    While interning with us you will have a great exposure to all the companies within Nav Talent's portfolio. If you decide that you want to interview with any of these companies you will have an accelerated interview process.

  • Can I do the internship off-sumnmer?

    This specific program is only available during summer but if you are interested in similar opportunities you can apply for an internship role using this link.

    Internship Application
  • Can I do Nav Fellowship as an internship while I’m studying ?

    We value the hustle. If you impress us then absolutely!