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Nav Talent connects graduates from top-tier engineering programs to high-impact opportunities

Our Process

Coffee Chat with Peers

We meet you in person to learn more about your story, motivations, and ambitions.

Become a Member

Following your chat, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Nav Talent Community.


Meet with a Principal

As you start looking for full-time opportunities, we partner you with a Nav Talent Principal to better understand your personal and professional ambitions and curate a personalized portfolio of companies to review.

Connect with Companies

Principals make direct introductions between you and companies you’re interested in and provide support throughout the interview process.

Support Throughout Recruiting Journey

You’ll have access to constant support from our team at HQ—including guidance on different decision-making frameworks, evaluating various opportunities, understanding equity, offer negotiation, and beyond.

Access Career-long Support

We support you throughout your entire career, whether it’s navigating promotions and raises, finding your next job, or starting your own venture.

Connect with the Nav Talent Community

You'll be invited to exclusive dinners, workshops, and panels with prominent tech investors and founders across the Bay Area, New York, and Seattle. We also help introduce you to members who share your interests and aspirations.

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  • How does Nav Talent make money? Are there any member costs?

    - We do not charge any of our members!
    - We only generate revenue when we connect our members with a company they end up joining.
    - We take pride in being fully incentive-aligned with our members.

  • What campuses does Nav Talent have a presence on?

    Currently, Nav Talent has a presence in Brown, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, John Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UIUC, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, USC, and the University of Waterloo.
    Don't see your school? Contact us at to see how we can help you!

  • What can I expect after my initial coffee chat?

    You will receive a welcome to our community email with details on exciting events happening and also a timeline on when to expect your initial matchmaking conversation to happen with one of our principals.

  • How does the Matchmaking process work?

    The Matchmaking team, composed of Principals, sits at the intersection that brings all of our members into our ecosystem. By having a close relationship with each member and an understanding of all of the opportunities in our ecosystem, Principals are responsible for connecting each member to the opportunities that they believe are the best fit for them while supporting them through every step of the way.

  • What companies does Nav Talent work with?

    We partner with the best VC firms and get introduced to their portfolio companies. We meet with each of their founders and core engineering teams to decide who we work with based on our client checklist.

    Members of our community have created impact as early engineers at disruptive startups like Robinhood, Grammarly, Nuro, and Snowflake. Additionally, we’ve supported entrepreneurial members in founding game-changing companies like Brex, Qualia, and Nuro.

  • Does Nav Talent only match members for software engineering roles?

    The majority of the roles are full-time software engineering roles - there are sometimes PM and data scientist roles, but those roles within our portfolio companies are generally looking for master’s or Ph.D. students

  • Does Nav Talent help members find internships as well?

    We generally only work with full-time roles, but if internship roles do pop up, HQ reaches out to members to see if they would be interested!

  • Do you meet with Master’s and Ph.D. students as well?

    Yes! We meet with Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. students graduating the following academic year.

  • How to I become a member?

    Schedule an initial conversation with one of our team members here

  • More questions?

    Get answers at