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Engineers are the shapers of the future

Our role is to empower high-potential engineers, like you, to create impact by working on problems that matter through joining unique, high-growth companies and starting their own ventures through our venture fund, Nav Talent Ventures.

Kickstart Your Career

Explore the best way to start a high-impact career. Meet with our team to discuss your motivations and get connected with mission-aligned high-growth opportunities.

Start Your Venture

Create impact by working on problems you’re passionate about solving. Discuss your ideas and learn how we can support your journey.

Navigate What's Next

If you're thinking about what’s next, we would like to hear about your experiences and share unique, high-growth opportunities aligned with your mission and career goals.

Advice on Career Junctions

Navigate promotion opportunities, requesting a raise, or role transitions. Our team of Principals has worked with hundreds of engineers and help you handle those hard conversations.


Our Community

Since 2015, our community has grown to over 3,500 members strong — with people working around the world in AI, AV/Robotics, Fintech, Healthcare, Security, and Education.

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Our Core Principles

Create Delta

We define true impact as the delta created in the world as a result of an organization’s work. In other words, what happened minus what would have happened.

Align Incentives

We believe the structural alignment of incentives is instrumental in creating trust and sustaining long-term success. Our organization is members-first and centered around how we can add value. We never charge members for any of our services.

Think Long Term

We aim to create lifelong trust-based relationships with our members and therefore with all our stakeholders to create disproportionate delta on the long-term.