Start Great

We empower high-potential engineers to live high-impact careers.

Our Approach

Meet in Person

We believe that long term relationships are fostered when met in-person. Therefore, we take the time to comprehensively understand our members. 

Curated & Personalized Opportunities

We personally introduce members to a small and highly curated group of opportunities based on their motivations, long-term goals, and technical strengths. 

Support Throughout the Process

Members receive support at every step of their career, making the membership experience streamlined and effective.  

Continued Growth

We regularly provide our members with feedback to ensure that they are aware of potential learning opportunities and never left in the dark.


About Us

By developing personal, trust based relationships with great people, we look to understand the impact they want to have on the world and help them accomplish this by connecting them to unique opportunities. We are now at 17 of the top universities in the country and have built up a network of 1000s of engineers along with dozens of VCs and high-growth startups. We are able to build this ecosystem by having teams of student Associates who meet with their peers on campus, taking the time to build a relationship with and understand them on a professional level. Through this, we have established a talent ecosystem that’s aligned with its members' interests, supporting great engineers in their pursuit of impact by helping them join high-growth startups, start their own ventures, work on unique innovation projects within larger organizations, or gain unique experience through our various fellowships.

Meet Our Team

Why us?

  • We work with the best

    From our associate base to the VCs, clients, and members we work with, selectively building long-term relationships with the best is our ultimate priority.

  • We understand you

    Our core operations are based off of building interpersonal relationships through meaningful, face-to-face interactions. We value what makes our clients and members unique, and prioritize their goals, ambitions, and values.

  • We are engineers

    We are computer scientists from the best university programs. Our team can evaluate the technical skills of our members and engineering needs of our clients, allowing us to map promising talent to the opportunities and challenges that fit them best.


Our Programs

Nav Talent University

Nav Talent University connects graduates from top-tier engineering programs to high-impact opportunities.

Think Cyber

ThinkCyber is an unparalleled opportunity for hacker-minded technologists to immerse themselves in the world of cyber security.

Nav Fellowship

A unique People First post graduation internship for entrepreneurial engineers who appreciate a great coffee chat!

Some of Our Previous Successes

Valuing long-term goals of all partners above any short-term gains, we partner with world's top venture capital firms and exclusively work with exceptional entrepreneurs, with strong core engineering teams who are building impactful companies.

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