Challenge the most ambitious engineers to solve pressing global problems.

Enable talented engineers to reach their full potential and create a meaningful impact within their company and beyond.

Exclusively work with high-impact opportunities.


Holistically understand our members to connect them to the right opportunities.

Build open and honest relationships with all parties involved through transparent communication of our expectations, motivational alignment, and business model.

Create the best matches by representing clients and members in the most accurate way to each other.


Prioritize the ultimate goals of our members, team, VCs, and clients above any short-term gains.

We want to build long-term relationships with everyone we work with and support them throughout their journey.

Unite a diverse network of motivated individuals to facilitate continued, long-term collaboration. 

SF Team

Baris Akis
  • Baris Akis
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Baris Akis currently serves as the Managing Partner of NavTalent. Baris co-founded NavTalent to connect his peers with very exciting startups and create a better recruiting experience for everyone involved in the process. Baris is a senior in Computer Science with AI concentration. Baris co-founded a startup during his freshman year and sold it in his Sophomore year. This experience pushed him to study Computer Science. Baris is truly passionate about social entrepreneurship and using business principles to create social impact. He co-founded Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students’ Association during his freshman year and led it for 3 years. He genuinely enjoys meeting new individuals so if you see him around Coupa or CoHo just say Hello!

Subarna Bhattacharjee
  • Subarna Bhattacharjee
    Strategy & Ops Lead

    Subarna graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2017 with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. In school, Subarna worked with several organizations and university members to help create an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in the community. In the past, she has worked with startups, within the country and abroad, to design marketing strategies and services. Subarna enjoys meeting new people and learning about their experiences - she says that's what motivates her and keeps her going. During her free time, she loves to do yoga, go for brunches and explore new places.

Melia Henderson
  • Melia Henderson

    Melia Henderson is an associate at Nav Talent and was born and raised in Oakland, California. She is a sophmore at Harvard studying computer science with a possible secondary in african american studies. She will be working in Berkeley, CA this summer at Trilogy, a tech start up that makes software products for non profits and governmental agencies. On campus, she works for Harvard University Information Technology Services (HUIT) and is involved with Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE), Harvard Organization for Prison Education and Reform (HOPE), Developers for Development (D4D) and Women in Computer Science (WICS). She is super excited to be part of the Nav Talent team!

Armaan Ali
Brandon Beckhardt
  • Brandon Beckhardt

    Brandon works closely with both our portfolio companies and candidates to ensure we are identifying all of the opportunities amongst the amazing people we work with. Brandon was one of the founding Nav Talent team members at Stanford and has met with hundreds of his peers to discuss their experiences, skills, interests, and ambitions. Before graduating with a CS degree in 2016, he spent his summers at a web development startup, freelancing, and at Visa, where he gained insights on how to operate groups at varying levels of scale. He was also on the gymnastics team at Stanford and managed 20+ hours of training per week, while being active as the Social Committee Chairman of the Cardinal Council, an organization that promotes student-athlete well-being and organizes events to raise money for children in need. Brandon is driven by innovations that make processes more efficient and help build a brighter future.

Milad Razavi
  • Milad Razavi
    Head of University & Chief Happiness Officer

    Milad works closely with Nav Talent’s beautiful community of associates and ambassadors. He received his B.S. from UC Berkeley, and having fallen in love with Cal, decided to continue his education there and get a Master’s in engineering management. Driven by a desire to have fun while making an impact, he’s coordinated sustainability movements with the White House, published a book to raise money for education, and even represented the U.S. in a global travel competition hosted by Red Bull. When he’s not training for Iron Man competitions, you can find him following his deepest passion: starting dance circles.

Jordie Hannel
  • Jordie Hannel

    Jordie (Stanford '16) joins the Nav team after a 2+ year stint at ThoughtSpot, one of the top startups in the valley, where he reported to the CEO and worked in Special Projects and Product Management. During his tenure the company grew from 40 employees to well over 200. Jordie completed his BS in Computer Science (AI focus) early and began working on a Management Science MS, but ultimately put the MS on hold to work at ThoughtSpot starting late Junior year. Jordie knew the Nav team from the beginning, and served as the ThoughtSpot point of contact from Nav's very first year in business. He's extremely excited about the trajectory of the company and thrilled to be a part of it.

Pasha Minkovsky
  • Pasha Minkovsky
    Junior Partner

    Pasha is Berkeley Computer Science ‘18 and he is currently on a leave of absence to work as a partner at Nav Talent. Previous to joining Nav Talent he was working at Digital Genius’ ML research team in London.