Nav Talent and our Associates

What We Do

Nav is the trusted partner for great engineers who seek to create impact. Nav develops personal relationships with great engineers and connects them with unique high-impact opportunities.

How We Do It

Nav does this through its associate team of 100+ technical students in top 12 US universities who initiate relationships with thousands of their peers and meet in person to get to know them on a deeper level. Nav’s membership program focuses on maintaining these relationships for the long-term and continuously adding value to its members in a variety of ways. Nav has established a talent ecosystem that’s aligned with its members' interests and can support great engineers to achieve impact through joining high-growth startups, working on unique innovation projects within larger organizations, or through some of our other initiatives.

Why We Do It

We envision a world where high-potential individuals focus their talent to make a difference. In 2014, we started out by grabbing coffee with our most ambitious friends on Stanford’s campus. We found that many of our peers were taking jobs at brand-name companies, where they ended up having marginally impactful roles that stunted their personal and professional growth, while often leaving them dissatisfied for more. We saw a need to help great people reach their full potential, and knew a people-oriented approach would be needed to do it. See more on our philosophy

Our Associates


We’re able to build this ecosystem by having teams of students who meet with their peers on campus and build a relationship to get to know them on a personal and professional level. Associates find and meet with high-potential engineers from their campus over coffee and take the time to understand their peer’s motivations, ambitions, and abilities. Based on the discretion of our associates, we then selectively meet with the top graduating students to figure out which opportunities would be the best fit for them.

Why Become an Associate

We ensure that our associate teams are made up of high-potential leaders from the engineering and entrepreneurial realms of campus, many of whom join for the following reasons:

  • Impact: Our associates are focused on creating a meaningful change, and understand the responsibility that comes with shaping someone’s career and life trajectory.
  • Meeting new peers: Our associates intrinsically enjoy meeting new peers, and see the value in developing meaningful relationships with brilliant and ambitious people.
  • Entrepreneurship: Our associates see the power in entrepreneurship creating positive value for the world, and often seek opportunities to learn more about it by connecting to the heart of it.
  • Professional Growth: Our associates have a desire to develop the skills and perspectives that will set them up for a more successful career, and see that talent lies at the heart of any successful venture, organization, or initiative.
  • The Team: Our associates put a high priority on working and interacting with the best people, and never settle for anything less. By ensuring that every team is composed of great individuals, we are working to facilitate lifelong friendships and partnerships.

We’re building a future where engineers can change the world on their own terms, and looking for the next generation of associates to do it with.

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